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The Talking Stick Volume: Eighteen

Table Of Contents

Beverly Abear
Luke Anderson
Nina Sackheim Badzin
Betty J. Benner
Doris Bergstrom
James Bettendorf
Nicole Borg
Louise Bottrell
Tim J. Brennan
Jodi Buchan
Carol Joan Campbell
Deborah Carron
Suzanne Cecere
Becky Chakov
Eric Chandler
Jean Childers
Jan Chronister
Gayle Andrus Colehour
Patricia A. Conner
Sarah J. Cox
Frances Ann Crowley
Joni Danzl
Charmaine Pappas Donovan
Harriet Duerre
Lois West Duffy
Anne M. Dunn
Neil Dyer
Toni Bennett Easterson
Shirley Ensrud
Anika Fajardo
Kathleen Free
Jennifer Geraedts
Marilyn Groenke
Laura L. Hansen
Sharon Harris
Betty Hartnett
Margaret Hasse
Dennis Herschbach
Rosymar Hjermstad
Marion C. Holtey
Harold Huber
Rhoda Jackson
Deane Johnson
Kristin F. Johnson
Linda M. Johnson
Celayne Jones
Janice Kimes
Sonja Kosler
Mike Lein
Kathleen Lindstrom
Renee Loehr
Peggy Ludtke
Marianne McNamara
Kathryn Kirmis Medellin
Judy Merritt
Jerry Mevissen
Megan Mevissen
Tanya Miller
Joanne Moren
Anne Morgan
Susan Wolter Nettell
Lindsey A. Nicklason
Regina Olson
Debbie Pea
Jill Pertler
Kathleen Pettit
Niomi Rohn Phillips
Marsha Porter
Adrian S. Potter
Pat Ramberg
Jim Russell
Maxine Kaiser Russell
Mary Schenten
Betty Schwartz
Duane Schwartz
Peter Schwarz
Richard Sederstrom
Sheri Smith
Susan K. Spindler
Doris Lueth Stengel
Marlene Mattila Stoehr
Penelope Swan
Connie Claire Szarke
Vern Thompson
John Thornberg
Susan Niemela Vollmer
LuAnne White
Marilyn Wolff
Tarah L. Wolff
Nancy Yoder-Bidwell


The Talking Stick Volume Eighteen
Published: 2009

by: Time J. Brennan

A Flimsy Thread
by: Connie Claire Szarke

Healing in the Mourning
by: Dennis Herschbach

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The Jackpine Writers’ Bloc is native to Minnesota. We are a writing group as well as a publishing company. Our literary journal, The Talking Stick, has become a state-wide publishing ground for amateur and experienced writers alike. Our goal in publishing writers is simple – we publish to encourage solid writing that shows promise, creativity and brilliance.