In the writing within, you will find a variety of subjects and styles. And through them all, you will find that we are writers who know the length of the winter, the heat of the summer and the short breath-taking springs and autumns of Minnesota. Click the above link for a more in depth look at our past Talking Sticks and for purchasing information

The Talking Stick Volume: Twenty

Table Of Contents

Luke Anderson
Marge Barrett
James Bettendorf
Alice Lundy Blum
Nicole Borg
Louise Bottrell
Beth Bradley
Tim J. Brennan
Emily Brisse
Andrew Scott Browers
Marc Burgett
Nona Kennedy Carlson
Becky Chakov
Jean Childers
Jan Chronister
Sandra Clough
Patricia Conner
Rick Converse
Chet Corey
Frances Ann Crowley
Charmaine Pappas Donova
H. D. Dowds
Harriet Duerre
Anne M. Dunn
Shirley Ensrud
Jeanne Everhart
Laurie Fabrizio
Cindy M. Fox
Georgia A. Greeley
Audrae M. Gruber
Richard G. Hagen
Laura L. Hansen
Sharon Harris
Audrey Kletscher Helbling
Patricia Helmberger
Dennis Herschbach
Catherine Holm
Marion C. Holtey
Harold Huber
Rhoda Jackson
Amy Jacobson
Russell Jacobson
Kristin F. Johnson
Linda M. Johnson
Judith Schwartz Kirk
Sonja Kosler
Kathleen M. Krueger
Viola LaBounty
Lisa Taylor Lake
Sandra Jane Larson
Kristin Laurel
Mike Lein
Kathleen Lindstrom
Diane P. Lynch
Timothy Maloney
Sister Kate Martin
Lucia May
Marianne McNamara
Kathryn Kirmis Medellin
Jerry Mevissen
Michael Kiesow Moore
Joanne Morén
Marsh Muirhead
Deb Nelson
Sandra J. Newbauer
David Eric Northington
Timothy Otte
Debbie Pea
Niomi Rohn Phillips
Marsha C. Porter
Adrian S. Potter
Jim Russell
Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler
Larry Schug
Ann Schwalboski
Richard Fenton Sederstrom
Candace Simar
Sharon R. Spartz
Patricia Spilseth
Doris Lueth Stengel
Thomas C. Stetzler
Scott Stewart
Marlene Stoehr
John Thornberg
Roberta Tietge
Francine Marie Tolf
Peggy Trojan
Jere Truer
Susan Niemela Vollmer
LuAnne White
Cheryl Weibye Wilke
Jan Wolff
Marilyn Wolff
Marsha Wolff
Tarah L. Wolff
Kevin Zepper
Ashley Ziehm


The Talking Stick Volume Twenty
Published: 2011

Poetry Winner ($300 Prize)
by Adrian S. Potter

Creative Nonfiction Winner ($300 Prize)
“Holding Hands”
by Alice Lundy Blum

Fiction Winner ($300 Prize)
“Our Darkest Days”
by Nona Kennedy Carlson

Second Place Poetry ($100 Prize)
“Halloween 1971”
by Linda M. Johnson

Second Place Creative Nonfiction ($100 Prize)
“Religion Class”
by Francine Marie Tolf

Second Place Fiction ($100 Prize)
“Closed for the Season”
by Niomi Rohn Phillips

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