In the writing within, you will find a variety of subjects and styles. And through them all, you will find that we are writers who know the length of the winter, the heat of the summer and the short breath-taking springs and autumns of Minnesota. Click the above link for a more in depth look at our past Talking Sticks and for purchasing information

The Talking Stick Volume: Seven

Table Of Contents

Welcome to White Earth By Michael George
Mosquito By Chelsey Johnson
In Dark By Deane Johnson
Three Stars By Deane Johnson
A Little Off the Back By Cynthia Ekren
To Be You By Dawn Kovacovich
Autumn Teardrops By Dawn Kovacovich
The Cave of Winter By Arther Smart
Waves By Emily Polachek
Drowning By Emily Polachek
Grandpa Herb By Eric Wolff
Truth By Florence Witkop
The Gang By Florence Witkop
One Smile Accross an Empty Sky By Carson Gardner
Hummingbird Feather By Carson Gardner
Circle Dance By Carson Gardner
The Will to Dance By Carson Gardner
Exposed Roots By Karen Babine
Agnes By Russ Jacobson
Summer Shower By Russ Jacobson
Pirouette By Russ Jacobson
When Lust and Duty Collide By Edward Dallas
Dealing with Winter By Edward Dallas
Runaway Brain By Gail Gardner
The Road By Jennifer Dahlen
Moonpie By Bruce Bolten
A Sky Above By Bruce Bolton
The Fortress By Marion Holtey
Thicker than Water By Marion Holtey
Identity By Marion Holtey
Triskaidekophobia By Marion Holtey
Grandma’s Apron By Bonnie Louther
Home By Maureen Cameron Dragseth
Free as a Child By Sharon Harris
Gifts from a Breaking Heart By Ken Kalish
October Snow By Sharon Selby Merritt
Moment of Innocence By Sharon Selby Merritt
Matin and Vesper By Susan Terris
Pantoum for What’s Been Lost By Susan Terris
Saturday Night out on the Farm By Vivian Sazama
The Smell of Cucumbers By Kathy Connell
Aunt Ruth By John Fredell
Pass the Stick (Winner!) By JWB Contest


The Talking Stick Volume Seven
Published: 1998

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The Jackpine Writers’ Bloc is native to Minnesota. We are a writing group as well as a publishing company. Our literary journal, The Talking Stick, has become a state-wide publishing ground for amateur and experienced writers alike. Our goal in publishing writers is simple – we publish to encourage solid writing that shows promise, creativity and brilliance.