In the writing within, you will find a variety of subjects and styles. And through them all, you will find that we are writers who know the length of the winter, the heat of the summer and the short breath-taking springs and autumns of Minnesota. Click the above link for a more in depth look at our past Talking Sticks and for purchasing information

The Talking Stick Volume: Fifteen

Table Of Contents

Angela L. Beaumont
Carol Pearce Bjorlie
Roy C. Booth

Louise Bottrell
K. Celeste Bryan
Rosa Carlisle
Richard Carr
John D. Collins
Patricia Conner

Norita Dittberner-Jax
Charmaine Pappas Donovan
Kitty Byrd Dyer
Toni Bennett Easterson
Cindie Ekren
Angela Foster

Lucelia Pazar Freeman
Crystal Gibbins
Nancy Gibbs
Peggy Glynn
Susan K. Gower
Todd Gulliver

Tracy Gulliver
Dan Haataja
Richard G. Hagen
Mary H. Hammerbeck
Laura L. Hansen
Sharon Harris

David Henke
Kathy Herzog
Marion C. Holtey
Harold Huber
Ann Iverson
Russell Jacobson

Leanne Jaskowiak
Jeffrey N. Johnson
Susan Koefod
Sandra Larson
Natasha Laumei
Kathleen Lindstrom
Pauline M. Lowenwenhardt
R. Loyal-Stead
Brandon Lussier
Kimberly Mark
David F. Martin
Nancy Bachhuber Massman

Marianne McNamara
Kathryn Kirmis Medellin
John T. Medeires
Jerry Mevissen
Joanne K. Moren
LouAnn Shepard Muhm

Susan Wolter Nettell
Kathleen J. Pettit
Niomi Rohn Phillips
Adrian S. Potter
Janet Pratt
Mary Lynn Regnier

Lane A. Rosenthal
Elizabeth Schmitt
Larry Schug
Richard Sederstrom
Candace Simar
Kasandra Solverson

Pat Spilseth
Doris Stengel
Thomas Stetzler
Mary Strohmayer
Connie Claire Szarka
Jere Truer

Betsy Vinz
Susan Niemela Vollmer
Beth Bradley Walter
Maya Washington
Bonnie West
LuAnne White

Marilyn D. Wolff
Tarah L. Wolff


The Talking Stick Volume Fifteen
Published: 2006

Einstein in San Fransisco
by: Norita Dittberner-Jax

The Day I Became a Turtle
by: Natasha Laumei

Aunt Bette (and Her Kidneys)
by: Lucelia Pazar Freeman

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The Jackpine Writers’ Bloc is native to Minnesota. We are a writing group as well as a publishing company. Our literary journal, The Talking Stick, has become a state-wide publishing ground for amateur and experienced writers alike. Our goal in publishing writers is simple – we publish to encourage solid writing that shows promise, creativity and brilliance.