In the writing within, you will find a variety of subjects and styles. And through them all, you will find that we are writers who know the length of the winter, the heat of the summer and the short breath-taking springs and autumns of Minnesota. Click the above link for a more in depth look at our past Talking Sticks and for purchasing information

The Talking Stick Volume: Six

Table Of Contents

The Cure By Michael Georde
Flood Plain 1969 By Deane Johnson
October Storm By Deane Johnson
What Marx Forgot By Deane Johnson
Down from the Mountain By Florence Witkop
No One Knows By Carson Gardner
When You Touched My Hand By Carson Gardner
When Deep Wounds Do Not Kill By Carson Gardner
Listening to Her By Mark Christensen
Passport By Carolyn Spangler
Women By Wyndemere Coffey
Warm Threads By Joan Henry
Activity Hour By Pauline Eliason
Step-Mother By Cynthia Ekren
Auntie Gwen By Cynthia Ekren
The Little Girl Everyone Wanted By Ben L. Reem
Memories of a River By Bruce Brummitt
Alberta Clipper By Bruce Brummitt
The Nut Hut Outback By Bruve Brummitt
The Swallow By Lois McClatchie
Ten Leaves from Our Honeymoon By Pagyn Alexander
Evening Tide By Pagyn Alexander
How By Sharon Harris
Life’s Choices By Sharon Harris
Metamorphois By Karen Babine
Grizzly Details By Gail Gardner
Complexities By Dawn Kovacovich
Too Many Wild Things By Bonnie Louther
Jason, My Humility Keeper By Eric Wolff
A Memorable Walk in My Neighborhood By Betty Sayers
Water World By Jennifer Koenen
Water Angels By Jennifer Koenen
Thomas, Real Turtles Don’t Grow into Ninjas By Joyce Ritacco
Voracity By Lou Ann Muhm
Manifesto By Lou Ann Muhm
Escape from Paradise, Iowa By Kathryn Kysar
Seeking Warmth By Kathleen Connell
“Pass the Stick” By JWB Writing Contest
Cafe Ole! By Jauneth Skinner
Three Petunias By Terrie Young
A Wrinkle in Time By Cathy Kjellberg
Sugar Lump Jar By Dona Sunderland
Meadowlark Passage By Wayne Stuart Shilson
Cartoon By Nick Williams
Blueberry Picker By Dawn Rossbach
Chickadees By Terrie Young
No Means to an End By Dawn Rossbach
Scattered Blossoms By Dona Sunderland
Butterfly Frustration By Melissa Pietila
Mm-Bop By Jesper Wrangle
Pete’s Splash By Terri Young
Cartoon By Terry LaFluer
Wood Smoke By Megan Meyer
Solitude By Wayne Stuart Shilson
Me and You By Dawn Rossbach
Tea Time By Karissa Skoog


The Talking Stick
Volume Six
Published: 1998

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The Jackpine Writers’ Bloc is native to Minnesota. We are a writing group as well as a publishing company. Our literary journal, The Talking Stick, has become a state-wide publishing ground for amateur and experienced writers alike. Our goal in publishing writers is simple – we publish to encourage solid writing that shows promise, creativity and brilliance.